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Lees of Scotland Meets Growing Demand with Indigo’s Warehouse Management Solution

Indigo Software is delighted to announce that Lees of Scotland, a leading manufacturer of confectionery, biscuit and meringue products, has implemented a solution from Indigo’s RealTime suite of modules.

One of the UK’s top warehouse management systems providers, Indigo Software, announced that Lees of Scotland, a leading manufacturer of confectionery, biscuit and meringue products, has implemented a solution from Indigo’s RealTime suite of modules at its modern factory in Coatbridge, Scotland.


The implementation is a significant commitment by Lees and Indigo’s RealTime modules are instrumental in supporting the company’s strategic growth plans and will enable the company to meet increasing customer demand.


The modules implemented include Indigo’s RealTime Finished Item Receipts and Warehouse Relocator.  Lees of Scotland use Infor’s System21 ERP and have been a customer of Indigo’s for over two years.


Steven Purves, Supply Chain Director at Lees of Scotland commented:  “We have been experiencing significant growth year on year caused by an increase in customer demand.  A broader mix of our product range is featuring in many leading supermarkets and our business is rapidly adapting to changing customer needs.  The solution from Indigo provides us with competitive advantage and a basis for continued growth without the need to recruit additional resources.”


Commenting on the implementation, Steven continued:  “The benefits of implementation of Indigo’s RealTime modules have been realised sooner than expected and we are becoming more aware on a daily basis just how powerful the Indigo RealTime system is.  Transaction times are now significantly shorter and we now have up to date, visible information which drives control in the planning and purchasing teams and puts accurate stock records right at the heart of the decision-making process.”


The picking process at Lees has significantly improved due to increased efficiency and accuracy due to real time stock information.  In addition to this, once the goods have been recorded as being palletised, Indigo’s Warehouse Relocator is used to move stock from the inbound production location into the most suitable strategic location for each individual product in the warehouse.  Stock is located based around RealTime’s unique ‘velocity metric’ – a measurement determining product location according to customer demand.


Overseeing and project managing the implementation, Mark Wilkinson, Consultant from Indigo Software commented: “We were thrilled to work with Lees and play such a pivotal role in improving their warehousing operations.  By deploying the Indigo RealTime modules, Lees will now benefit from injecting real time information into their system therefore providing complete visibility of the manufacturing process in finished items.  The stock is now marked as received and updated into a storage location within seconds of its actual production where previously this would have taken an extended period of time.”


“Once you can effectively capture the receipt of goods and put this stock away, this helps improve stock traceability and resource efficiency.  In order to make the best use of any process, time is critical therefore the implementation of Indigo RealTime in these areas adds to the Lees business by improving operating costs.”


Steven Purves of Lees concluded:  “Indigo’s long standing reputation for smooth integration into all ERPs made them the natural and ideal partner for Lees in this project.  We will continue to reap the benefits of our investment within the next 12 months and we look forward to continuing to work with Indigo through further phases in our strategic growth.”


Further information about Lees of Scotland is available from https://www.leesofscotland.co.uk/

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