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Wholesale & Distribution

The warehouse is the backbone of any successful wholesale and distribution business. Having an effective warehouse management system (WMS) solution is essential to ensuring efficient operations and maximizing your business profits.

Stock location accuracy increased beyond measure

Since implementing Indigo Software’s warehouse management system Baker & Taylor’s stock at location accuracy has increased beyond measure. The improved processes and procedures have ensured that it can deliver over 150,000 books to over 1200 different locations each week.


The implementation of Indigo WMS resulted in a fully optimised resource managed paperless solution enabling the company to satisfy its very high delivery promise to its customers.

Wholesale distribution warehouse management system
Wholesale distribution warehouse management software

Benefits of wholesale & distribution WMS

Why choose Indigo Software?

A warehouse management system helps improve inventory accuracy and control, reduces costs, optimises warehouse space, and increases customer satisfaction for wholesalers and distributors by automating order fulfilment processes and providing real-time visibility into stock levels.


A WMS also enables your wholesale or distribution business to better plan and execute strategies for product placement and delivery.

Wholesalers and distributors that are looking for a complete, cost-effective warehouse management system need look no further than Indigo WMS. Indigo WMS can fully integrate into existing business software and provide all the necessary functionality required.


The large number of SKU’s and huge variety of item sizes that are often found in wholesaling and distribution warehouses means that picking these goods is not without its complications.  For example, picking a 56 gallon drum of oil with a tiny paint chip stick and everything in between.


Indigo WMS provides all the necessary functionality needed for wholesdale and distribution warehouses plus it allows complete control of the workforce using hand held devices to capture the picking activity as it happens.

ESPO warehouse management system distribution

Delivering clear return on investment

ESPO has invested heavily in Indigo WMS and seen clear returns from the outset. Despite increased competition and challenging trading conditions, ESPO’s business has grown.


ESPO could never have achieved the profitability and performance levels it is seeing today using its old paper systems without significantly increasing headcount. Read more.

Baker & Taylor implement Indigo WMS

A year after implementation, Baker & Taylor’s control of small order picks has transformed the order to despatch process and the use of the Indigo WMS marshalling module has allowed it to positively confirm every item of stock into the shipper carton.

Read the Baker & Taylor Indigo WMS case study

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