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Indigo WMS provides a complete real-time picture of all your manufacturing inventory, from the initial receipt of raw materials into the warehouse, to work in progress and right through to shipment of finished goods to the end user. Indigo WMS helps your manufacturing business maintain an optimised stock level balance in your warehouse by minimising costly excess stock holding levels whilst also ensuring enough supplies are available to fulfil customer orders in a timely manner.

What to look for in a manufacturing WMS

If you are looking for a warehouse management system for you manufacturing business these are some of the things you should consider when selecting a WMS vendor:


  • A proven track record in implementing warehouse management solutions in manufacturing environments for your industry
  • WMS integration with your key manufacturing systems
  • A long term commitment to your manufacturing business
  • WMS ease of use for your manufacturing business
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Benefits of manufacturing WMS

Why choose Indigo Software?

Reducing the time required to pick for production means the warehousing team can then begin on sales orders for customers during the same shift, saving time and improving turnaround times using the same level of resource. Previously these could only be picked during the day because operators picking during the night for production would run out of time.


Should things go wrong in your manufacturing process a warehouse management system software solution will quickly help identify non conformance and will immensely speedup the retrieval rate of goods that are needed to replace a stalled works order. 

Indigo Software’s warehouse management system (WMS) is a best of breed globally proven warehousing productivity solution for manufacturers.


Indigo WMS is ideal for manufacturers because it automates complex manual processes and gives the warehouse management team full control over daily operations, with an intuitive dashboard to anticipate shift resourcing requirements, plus spot trends and opportunities for further improvements. Operatives become more directly accountable and management can see a comprehensive audit trail of the entire operation.


Indigo WMS is implemented in numerous manufacturing environments around the globe and we have extensive experience in a diverse range of industry sectors.  Our consultants all come from industry so they know the challenges that manufacturers face on a daily basis and are able to deliver a total warehouse management solution rather than just a technology driven one.

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69% efficiency boost

After a review of multiple warehouse management system software suppliers, Mayborn the parent group for well-loved brand Tommee Tippee, selected Indigo WMS as its preferred solution. Not only was Indigo WMS functionally rich, the company has a strong track record in the manufacturing sector, supporting manufacturers with end to end process reviews prior to implementing their technology. Now live, Indigo WMS controls every operation in the warehouse, from goods in, picking for works orders, issuing stock to WIP, receiving finished goods, locating and putaway, dispatching sales orders, plus perpetual inventory counting. Read more.

Best of breed WMS or ERP bolt-on

A large proportion of the customers Indigo work with are migrating from paper based processes when they implement Indigo WMS. That’s not because they have failed to introduce technology into their warehouses, because they are almost always already using a leading ERP solution – Infor, Oracle, Sage 1000, SAP for instance. It is because they have started out thinking they don’t need a separate warehouse management system (WMS) and the bolt on module offered by their ERP vendor isn’t giving them the functionality they actually need.

Read best of breed WMS or bolt-on blog

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