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The automotive industry is an extensive user of warehouse management system (WMS) solutions to ensure that inventory is managed, tracked, and maintained with precision. A WMS can help automotive and car parts users streamline their operations and increase accuracy, thereby eliminating human error and reducing costs.

Gear up your automotive warehouse

For over 16 years Indigo Software’s warehouse management system software solution has been providing the picking to despatch process for Niterra (NGK) a leading supplier to all the major car assembly plants in the UK.


Indigo Software has also worked with other prominent suppliers to the automotive and car parts industry including Nifco, Tetrosyl, Faltec and Ring Automotive.

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Benefits of automotive WMS

Why choose Indigo Software?

A warehouse management system can help automotive manufacturers and car parts distributors increase warehousing efficiency and accuracy by providing:


  • Real-time inventory control
  • Improved order fulfillment capabilities
  • Enhanced visibility of product movements
  • Optimised shipping and receiving processes

Indigo Software has extensive experience of implementing warehouse management systems in companies operating in the automotive industry. On time in full is not just a buzz phrase for the automotive industry – it is an absolute given. With major car assembly plants running totally flexible lines, the planning and subsequent procurement of stock to meet the needs of the assembly plant is timed to perfection. The costs associated with a delivery failure or non-conformance for suppliers in this area are unthinkable.


Indigo Software’s team of highly knowledgeable consultants have extensive automotive real-world experience, ensuring a practical and business process focused solution, rather than just an IT led solution for your business. Our ethos is to do the right things in the best possible way.


Indigo can also meet all of your automotive manufacturing warehouse and car parts distribution hardware needs including barcode scanners, voice picking headsets, label printers, batteries, LCD screens and wireless infrastructure.

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Eradicate mispicks

Niterra’s (NGK) warehouse in Hemel Hempstead manages a substantial stock holding; over 6 million spark plugs and approximately 1500 lines. The ability to have accurate and up to the moment information is of paramount importance. Indigo implemented its warehouse management system following in-depth consultancy work. Results included faster and more accurate movement of stock and transaction recording, eradication of mispicks and a totally paperless environment. Read more about this Indigo WMS implementation.

Ringing changes in the warehouse

Ring Automotive was set-up in 1974 and supplies products to the automotive aftermarket through OEM’s retailers, motor factors and cash and carry outlets. Its products comprise of two main areas: vehicle lighting products such as bulbs, auxiliary lamps, worklamps, beacons and other auto electrical items such as chargers and battery packs; leisure related products such as caravan and towing electrics, torches and travel coolers.


The staff at Ring Automtive only have positive things to say about Indigo Software. “Our Indigo consultant was very professional and a delight to work with. Our annual stock take has been described as the smoothest ever”.

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