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Indigo Warehouse Management System

Indigo WMS is a market leading warehouse management system, providing exceptional real time control, visibility and function for your warehousing operations.

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Indigo WMS resides alongside your existing systems, whether you use solutions from SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Infor, Sage or from any other enterprise resource planning (ERP), transportation management system (TMS) or supply chain planning (SCP) vendor.



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Indigo WMS will seamlessly integrate with the solutions you’re using ensuring that the data in your systems is live, up to date and visible throughout your entire business. If you are thinking about implementing a warehouse management system (WMS) into your business, Indigo Software offers a free consultation service.

Real time warehouse management

Indigo Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides you with real time inventory tracking from the moment that stock is received into the distribution network right through to the final dispatch to the customer. This means that processes such as cycle counting and forward pick replenishment are available as well as allowing for better forecasting resulting in reduced inventory levels.

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Optimise your warehouse operations

Indigo WMS is a system driven software solution designed to increase warehouse space utilisation and operator productivity to ensure that the businesses priorities are given the focus they need. Proper stock placement makes best use of your valuable space and optimises operator work paths. Operator work is presented in real time to minimise walk and travel times but also to drive productivity to meet your service level and labour management goals.

Using real time rather than paper based processes effectively removes the instances of mis-keying, duplication and losses that a paper based system can bring in your warehouse. This ensures increased picking accuracy and fewer returns, resulting in on time, in full deliveries of the right products at the right time.

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What other benefits can a WMS bring?

Without a WMS, your warehouse staff will have to manage everything by hand – picking, data entry, inventory, putaway, and shipping. Manual data entry is extremely time-consuming, and thanks to good-old human error, you can never be sure that your outgoing orders are being accurately fulfilled, or that your inbound stock is being correctly put away.


Also, without a WMS, an extensive paper trail is required if you want to stand any chance of managing your inventory. As well as being unwieldly or inefficient, this sort of system makes it almost impossible to effectively monitor and review your operations. So if there is any part of your process that is underperforming, or if your customers are complaining that there is a discrepancy in their order, you will have immense difficulty pinpointing the source of the problem.

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What is a Warehouse Management System?

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a piece of software that is designed to support the daily running of your warehouse. With a good WMS, it is possible to handle almost any logistical task from a single central interface, including monitoring inventory levels, tracking stock locations, and managing tasks and resources.

If you want to streamline and optimise your operations, there is no better place to start than the warehouse. Businesses that invest in a good WMS can soon expect to become more efficient, less wasteful, and more profitable.

What a WMS can bring to your business

What can you do with a Warehouse Management System?

  • Get full real-time visibility of all your stock, orders, and processes
  • Decrease the amount of time it takes to fulfil orders and invoice customer payments
  • Guarantee the total accuracy of each order
  • Significantly reduce your material and shipping cost
  • Make the best possible use of your available space
  • Make your workforce more productive and accountable
  • Reduce wear and tear on your materials handling equipment with more efficient routing of activity throughout your warehouse
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Almost any task that is undertaken in a warehouse can be optimised with a good WMS:


  • Warehouse receiving
  • Warehouse putaway
  • Warehouse picking
  • Warehouse packing
  • Warehouse shipping
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