RT10 Rugged Tablet

The RT10 Android & Windows variants were designed to keep workers and managers connected and providing them with the data and functionality they need, when they need it which is crucial to every business. Whether you are a supervisor, shop floor employee, a manager or a maintenance worker – the RT10 is ready to fit in to your work flow. With options for both the flex range and standard range data capture, it can be the perfect tool for keeping track of inventory and increase business efficiency. The RT10 series has an incredible range of accessories making it perfect for Forklift, desktop and mobile use.

With its 10.1-inch bright, high-resolution, optically bonded display and a light yet durable form factor, the Honeywell RT10 series rugged tablet is easy to use all day long, making it perfect for rapid user adoption. For data capture, the FlexRange dual-lens imager is capable of scans less than 0.1 m (5 in) all the way out to 10.7 m (35 ft), so users can easily capture barcodes from across the room without having to waste time getting close enough for a scan.


In addition to flexibility and ease of use, mobile devices must also deliver minimized TCO by being durable and optimized for productivity. With its rugged drop specification and IP65 rating, the RT10 series is built to last, and its hotswappable battery packs can save you the hours of downtime that can occur when a device loses its charge.


Honeywell RT10 datasheet

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