IH40 RFID Handheld Reader

Honeywell IH40 RFID Reader augments retail’s storefront and warehouse inventory management, increasing inventory accuracy, reducing demand mismatch, and keeping inventory stocked. Accurate picking through Honeywell IH40 drives omni channel enablement.

  • Honeywell IH40 combined with a handheld device is a complete solution for retail inventory count, inventory management and other workflows, which increases revenue, margins, and customer engagement.
  • High RFID tag read rate increases efficiency and reduces costs.
  • The Honeywell IH40 and mobile computer attached charge together on a single charging station making it easy and faster to charge; Multiple charging options available for device and battery charging.
  • Connects directly to device, zeroing device pairing time.
  • Ergonomic handle, balanced design provides extended use in different usage scenarios.
  • Exceptional read range, increases productivity and decreases manual effort.
  • Large, 4000 mAH battery enables uninterrupted use over long periods, with easy to change battery flap.


Honeywell IH40 RFID Handheld Reader datasheet

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