CT47 Handheld Mobile Computer

The CT47 Ultra Rugged mobile computer is the perfect solution for any company looking to implement a durable device into their workforce. This all purpose designed handheld ensures top and reliable performance with connectivity everywhere for front line mobile workers in Field Mobility, Warehouse and T&L environments. The CT47 has 5G & WiFi 6E connectivity making it the perfect device for first responder networks and with warm swappable battery technology it ensures workers can always remain operational.

The CT47 is designed to endure the most challenging environments. Transport. Logistics and warehouses are as busy as ever and customers need to keep their operations and workflows up and running. Workers in the field can rely on the CT47’s ultra-rugged design, as it withstands up to 8ft drops and 3500 real world tumbles. With a higher capacity 4775mAh battery coupled with the powerful analytics from the Operational Intelligence platform, you can count on the CT47 remaining online throughout the demanding shifts. Built upon a sleek form factor, the CT47 is optimally designed with screen visibility and ruggedness in mind.


Fitted with secure Authentication technology, the CT47 keeps your data and mobile computer safe. The Fingerprint sensor is ideal for one-handed operation and easy to access biometric authentication. Multiple templates can be stored locally for multiple user login access. Facial recognition can be accessed from the front-facing camera to access the device quickly and securely. Registration is quick and user data is encrypted and stored locally.


Honeywell CT47 datasheet

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