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Headquartered in Malaysia, Valser Synergy is a “One-Stop-Solution-Centre” for the supply and service of valves, actuators and controls for exploration & production equipment in the oil & gas, energy, maritime, defence, port and petrochemical industries.


Valser Synergy is constantly researching, developing and implementing new technologies, products and services that will enhance its capabilities to better serve its clients.

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Proven Track Record

“Indigo WMS provides a very good fit for Valser Synergy and brings a proven track record of managing the complex warehousing needs of manufacturing companies like ours.”


Yusri Mohamad, Group COO, Valser Synergy

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Best of breed WMS solution

Valser Synergy commissioned a detailed evaluation to identify a suitable best of breed WMS solution to be implemented at five of its warehouses located in Peninsula and East Malaysia. This would replace their current manual system based on Excel spreadsheets and paper records. The decision to select Indigo Software was based on Indigo’s extensive experience in providing WMS solutions for the past 40 years in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, the company’s well established support operations in the Asia Pacific region and the opportunity for Valser Synergy to learn from the real-world experiences of Indigo Software’s global team of supply chain consultants.


Discover more about Indigo Software’s warehouse management system solution for manufacturing.

Malaysia’s Valser Synergy choose Indigo WMS

Valser Synergy needed a centralised, real-time inventory system to gain control and visibility of its extensive asset base, plus improve business management across the company’s rapidly expanding business interests as a whole. The company’s inventory is complex and high value, spanning multiple categories including finished goods, sub-assembly, assets, service parts and consumables.

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