Map Group Warehouse

A great North East B2B tech success story, Map Group has expanded rapidly in line with Britain’s broadband revolution. The company was founded in Stockton-on-Tees to provide ultra-fast, full-fibre broadband network services to millions of homes and businesses.


It now operates across the UK, working on behalf of some of the industry’s biggest telco brands, including BT, Virgin Media, Openreach, Netomnia, City Fibre, Gigaclear and Hyperoptic.

Map Group Warehouse logistics van

High levels of customer service

“We strive for continuous improvement and this investment in Indigo WMS means we can optimise our distribution network and continue delivering the high levels of service that our customers expect.”


Matty Carlin, Direction, Map Group (UK)

Map Group Warehouse

Rapid Warehousing Expansion

Exponential business expansion has led to Map Group opening six distribution hubs throughout the UK.


Map Group needs to provide accurate stock figures to business stakeholders in real-time and Indigo’s software secures its inventory to control costs and provide mission critical stock information.


Indigo WMS is being rolled out to Map Group’s locations in Peterlee, Birmingham, Chelmsford, Croydon, Huddersfield, and Southampton, as part of a phased implementation. As part of the roll out, Indigo Software is also supplying Honeywell hardware to Map Group, including CK65 scanners and PM45 printers to enable mobile working.

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