Lees of Scotland snowballs

Lees of Scotland has been producing a range of iconic confectionery including snowballs, teacakes and meringues, since the 1930s. An important local employer, the company operates from a purpose built, 82,000 ft manufacturing facility in Coatbridge, near Glasgow. Now a £20m a year business, innovation is an important factor in the company’s continued success and the launch of a new range of nut and gluten free ‘Macaringues’, an allergy friendly alternative to baked macarons, demonstrates this.

Immediate improvement in stock management and traceability

“One of the main benefits of Indigo was the immediate improvement we saw to stock management and traceability. Although we always picked in rotation by best before dates, our products lacked a unique label ID. Since using Indigo it’s had a huge impact on our traceability and control management.”


Steven Purves, Supply Chain Director, Lees of Scotland

Lees of Scotland manufacturing

Standardised process for handling finished goods

Lees of Scotland faced several administrative challenges in manual processes such as stock putaway and the handling and storage of finished goods. Many of these processes were prone to errors and the stock quantities were out of date due to time consuming manual data entry.


After a review of WMS solutions, Lees selected Indigo WMS as their WMS provider. Initially, Indigo’s production booking and intelligent putaway modules were implemented. This gave Lees a standardised process for handling finished goods and ensuring mistakes were not occurring.


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Lees of Scotland warehouse management system case Study

Immediately after implementation there were major improvements to stock management and traceability. Putaway is now a seamless process too. This has enabled Lees to grow its business over the past few years without the need to increase headcount correspondingly.

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