Supermarket warehouse management system

AlphaMega are the biggest and fastest developing Cypriot hypermarket chain in the country, with 11 stores and 1200 employees. At their ultra-modern, spacious hypermarkets, their consumers are offered a wealth of quality products at a wide range of prices. The variety caters to the tastes, with well-known brands and delicatessens from all around the world, the acclaimed products of the multinational giant Tesco, and quality products of other brands at the best price.

Helped us tremendously with our logistics

“We have worked with Indigo for over 15 years, they have helped us tremendously with our logistics in Cyprus which is enabling us to face our competition better than ever before.”

Stelios Papaxanthos, Chief Financial Officer, Alphamega

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Fulfilment time decreased significantly

Before Indigo WMS, a lot of time was spent to prepare orders from the stores and receipt of orders from abroad, now the time of fulfilment has decreased significantly despite the increase in volume. Now that everything is online and real-time, we can begin to measure efficiency and make continuous performance improvements.


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Indigo completes latest round of WMS software implementations for Alphamega Hypermarkets

Indigo Software has completed its third successful software implementation for Alphamega Hypermarkets, the largest supermarket group in Cyprus, demonstrating the company’s strong track record of working with companies based outside of the UK.

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