How a Good WMS can Energise your Supply Chain

Beyond the Warehouse – How a Good WMS Can Energise Your Entire Supply Chain

It might be called a warehouse management system (WMS), but this powerful piece of software will energise your entire supply chain.

The dramatic improvements will start at your warehouse and soon begin to spread. Before you know it, all of your operations will be running with an efficiency you might never have thought possible.


Make Better Decisions


Think of your WMS as a single source of all of your most critical business information. No more islands of data, unwieldly spreadsheets, or filing cabinets filled to bursting with scribbled notes and overstuffed folders.


Instead, everything you need to successfully run your business will be immediately and easily accessible in one place.


When the time comes to make those crucial business decisions, you’ll no longer have to rely on your gut feeling. You can instead make those critical business decisions based on the most up to the minute data.


Streamline Your Processes


The Indigo WMS allows the warehouse operations teams to see how every area of the warehouse is performing.


Any process critical events that have not been completed within the predefined time frame are identified within the Exceptions dashboard where they can be processed through to completion.


The exceptions dashboard is ideally place on a large screen TV where all operators can view the current status of exceptions.


Reduce Transportation Costs


With a good WMS, once the picking process has been completed, you can merge, delete, and consolidate containers and pallets in order to ensure an efficient use of resources.


In this way, you can optimise loads and potentially reduce transportation costs. Indigo’s vehicle loading routines will ensure that never again will you worry about misplaced orders or missing pallets.


Where desired, all pallets must be positively confirmed as part of the loading process. This means that there’s no risk at all that a pallet might be left on the loading dock by mistake


Helping Others to Prepare


Indigo WMS enables you to send advanced shipping notifications (ASN) to your trading partners at the time of dispatch.


With an ASN, your trading partners will be able to view all of their impending arrivals in considerable detail. They’ll be able to see at a glance what’s incoming and in what quantity, and whether any specialist storage considerations are required.


In this way they can plan the receipt of the goods in advance, helping them to ensure that they have all the resources they need to effectively process your stock. This will speed up the delivery and the invoicing process, drastically reducing the overall time required to process shipping.


Find out more about how a WMS can energise your entire supply chain by speaking to one of our expert consultants, each of whom has real-world industry experience.

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