A good WMS can bring calm to chaos in the warehouse

A good WMS will bring calm to the chaos

Warehouses can be chaotic however a good WMS will bring calm to the chaos, making things better for both your staff and your customers

Warehouses can be hot, sprawling, cluttered and chaotic spaces in which nothing ever quite makes sense, with a relentless pace that never lets up.


As a result, a warehouse can be a very stressful place to work.


A warehouse worker has a lot of responsibilities. Their main tasks involve ensuring that all deliveries are correctly stored, and that all orders are correctly fulfilled.


The bigger the warehouse, the harder it gets to perform these tasks. And unless there’s a good system in place for keeping things in order, things can quickly spiral out of control.


Tasks can pile up. Deliveries can sit on the pallets for hours, with workers so run off their feet that items are stored wherever there’s space, rather than where they’re supposed to be stored. This, of course, will make it harder to process orders for dispatch, since specific items of inventory will be harder to locate.


And because your staff will be so worked off their feet, they’ll be stressed, and more likely to make mistakes. This will result in inaccurate, delayed, or missing orders, leading to far too many unhappy customers.


So a chaotic warehouse is bad for everyone. It is bad for your staff, who will be stressed out, overworked, and demotivated. And it is bad for your customers, who will quickly tire of your unreliability and turn to your competitors.


But a good warehouse management system (WMS) will bring calm to the chaos, making things better for both your staff and your customers.


A Good WMS Can Transform Everything


A good WMS can restore order to a warehouse of any size. And through restoring order, it just might make your warehouse staff love their jobs again, while helping them to ensure that all orders are fulfilled swiftly and accurately.


Take a look at the list of features you get with the Indigo WMS. From inbound to outbound, every single step of the process has been optimised.


The inventory management process starts at the very beginning, at goods inwards. Through scanning serial shipment container codes (SSCC), your workers will be able to instantly capture all of an item’s attributes, before storing it safely in the appropriate area of the warehouse.


And what’s more, the system tracks and traces the putaway process. Any anomalies are logged instantly, so you can take care of potential issues long before they become truly problematic.


It does not stop there. Pallets can also be scanned before they’re loaded onto vehicles, a simple step that can singularly remove the possibility that customer orders might go unfulfilled.


With a good WMS, your staff will be able to work in complete confidence that everything’s where it should be, which will significantly reduce their levels of on-the-job stress.


Through bringing calm to the chaos, a good WMS is good for everyone.

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