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Meet the team

Indigo Software is passionate about delivering the best service and technical solutions to our customers. Our team of highly experienced and skilled professionals are here to provide you with the best solutions and customer experience in the market. We know that people do business with other people, so here we are…


Indigo Software’s executive team comprises industry leaders with extensive experience in delivering strategic and operational excellence.

Photo of Darren Baxter

Darren Baxter

Group Chief Executive Officer

Darren joined the company in 1988 and has overall responsibility for Indigo Software’s global business operations.

Photo of Graham Palmer

Graham Palmer

Chief Financial Officer

Graham is a highly accomplished finance professional and published author, with an outstanding track record of leading on financial and commercial matters.

Photo of Mark Leavy

Mark Leavy

Chief Sales Officer

Mark joined Indigo in 2016 with a deep and varied Supply Chain background and now has overall responsibility for global sales, marketing and customer relationship management at Indigo Software.

Photo of Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Chief Operations Officer

Paul is responsible for managing Indigo Software’s support operations and its highly experienced team of consultants.

Photo of Tony Sweeney

Tony Sweeney

Non-Executive Chairman

A qualified business coach, psychologist and facilitator, Tony has held many senior leadership roles at major companies including British Airways and Ferranti.

Andrew Marsh Non Executive Director Indigo Software

Andrew Marsh

Non-Executive Director

Andrew is a renowned specialist in business transformation with an impressive track record of repeatedly creating sustainable growth.

Sales and Marketing

Here at Indigo Software our sales and marketing team have a wealth of experience. The team strive to ensure that our customer relationships remain strong and that our communications are managed effectively.

Gregg Shenton Marketing Manager Indigo Software

Gregg Shenton

Marketing Manager

Gregg has over 25 years marketing experience driving growth in international high technology companies and is responsible for all lead generation and marketing activities at Indigo Software.

Photo of Graham Miller

Graham Miller

New Business Development Manager

Graham has extensive experience in a wide range of senior operations, freight, warehousing and management roles at leading logistics, supply chain and transportation companies.

Photo of Andy Elliott

Andy Elliott

Global Hardware Sales Manager

Andy has extensive experience selling hardware for warehousing and logistics environments and offers both new and existing customers impartial advice on the best hardware products to suit their warehousing business objectives.

Photo of Eric Carter

Eric Carter

Solutions Architect

Eric is a Solutions Architect with over three decades of experience working with best of breed warehouse management systems.

Supply Chain Consultants

Indigo Software’s supply chain consultants have a wealth of both industry and technology experience, enabling them to deliver high quality supply chain and warehouse management system (WMS) solutions in support of our customer requirements. Some of our experienced consultants include:

Photo of Oliver Goodman Principal Consultant

Oliver Goodman

Principal Consultant

An important role within the business and critical to customer success levels, Oliver’s responsibilities include providing leadership, organisation and coordination to support Indigo Software’s highly regarded consultancy team.

Mario Panga Project Manager Indigo Software

Mario Panga

Project Manager

Mario has a deep knowledge of both the technology and the business operations of Indigo Software’s clients allowing him to be very effective as both a consultant and a project manager.

Diane Wilson Consultant Indigo Software

Diane Wilson

Supply Chain Consultant

Diane has over 20 years logistics industry experience and has a proven track record in numerous system implementations and projects including new site start and was previously the Distribution Centre Assistant General Manager at Regatta Clothing.

Photo of Tom Jervis

Tom Jervis

Supply Chain Consultant

Tom is an experienced Supply Chain professional with a history of over 13 years’ experience in the telecommunications, e-commerce, FMCG, reverse logistics and device refurbishment industries.


Indigo Software’s support team are here to deliver the highest levels of support for our warehouse management solutions.

James Branch Global Customer Support Manager Indigo Software

James Branch

Global Customer Support Manager

James is responsible for ensuring that Indigo Software’s support team provides first class customer support to our growing global customer base.

Photo of George Wanley

George Wanley

Technical Manager

George is responsible for the infrastructure aspects of Indigo Software’s customer projects from initial conception through to customer support.

Product Development

Indigo Software’s product development team is responsible for understanding warehousing customer needs, designing and developing software product solutions that meet these requirements, and bringing them to market.

Photo of Glenn Melville

Glenn Melville

Software Development Manager

Glenn joined Indigo Software in 1997 and his role involves the development and delivery of technical solutions for both the Indigo Software product set as well as individual customer projects.

Photo of Simon Parnaby

Simon Parnaby

Product Manager

Simon joined Indigo Software in 1990 and is responsible for setting the vision for development of the company’s products.

Photo of Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

Cloud Architect

Jack is responsible for designing, planning and visualising all of Indigo Software’s range of cloud products.

Stuart Robinson Indigo Software Customer Enablement Manager

Stuart Robinson

Customer Enablement Manager

Stuart’s role is to provide customers with the resources they need to achieve the optimal results from using Indigo Software’s warehouse management products.

Finance | Customer Success | Contracts

These teams help to ensure Indigo Software’s financial, contractual and customer success.

Ann Shepherd Indigo Software Group Accountant

Ann Shepherd

Group Accountant

Ann is Group Accountant in Indigo Software’s Finance Department.

Photo of Jacky Farrington

Jacky Farrington

Global Customer Success Manager

Jacky provides a central point of contact within Indigo Software to our customers.

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